Are You Looking for Some Reading Inspiration? Booktube Is the Place to Go!

Let me introduce: my top five favourite booktubers.

Photo by Merphy Napier

1. Hailey in Bookland

Hailey, with her almost 250k subscribers, is the most famous booktuber on my list. I tend to like smaller channels better, but she is the exception to that rule. She reads and discusses mostly young adult literature.

2. Merphy Napier

Merphy is another shockingly prolific reader. I have no idea how she handles being a mom, her channel, and reading what feels like 20 books a week!

3. Sam from Thoughts on Tomes

Sam is, as she says herself, “a little bit older than the average booktube community”. I don’t think that matters at all, but her style is very relaxed and calm, which is why I love her. I struggle with Youtubers who are too overexcited and loud all the time …

4. Peyton Reads

With 18k subscribers, Peyton is one of the smaller booktubers on this list, which in no way diminishes my love for her. She has only just graduated high school, which explains her heavy focus on young adult literature.

5. Jean Bookish Thoughts

To be honest with you, the main reason I like Jean’s channel is because of her awesome Scottish accent. The booktube community is dominated by North American readers and some English and Irish ones, but there aren’t that many from Scotland.

Be Inspired!

The reason I am sharing my top five favourite booktubers with you is that they really help me stay motivated to read throughout the year. Seeing them read so prolifically makes me want to do the same, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Freelance Editor • Cultural Journalist. I talk language, freelance writing, and books — in no particular order.

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