We Are the Ants, and We’ll Keep Marching On

A review of Shaun David Hutchinson’s YA masterpiece.

Henry Denton’s life is bullshit: His boyfriend killed himself, his classmates are bullies, his family is falling apart, and occasionally, aliens come to abduct him.

Big Questions for Little People

The premise of We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson is simple: Will Henry press the button?

Is Love the Solution?

Because one day, a new student walks into his class. Diego Vega is his name. Diego doesn’t know about Space Boy, nor does he care. He just likes Henry for who he is.

“We remember the past, live in the present, and write the future.”

The bullying at school gets worse, Henry’s family is drifting apart, and nobody seems to care about him (except his chemistry teacher, which doesn’t really help).

There’s No Easy Way Out

Henry struggles to find a way out of his misery, and the reader struggles with him.

“The universe may forget us, but it doesn’t matter. Because we are the ants, and we’ll keep marching on.”

The same is true in real life. Life hardly offers obvious solutions, and if it does, they tend to go wrong.

we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson
we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson

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