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You Should Read Young Adult Books Even If You’re an Adult

In defense of young adult literature.

Do you identify as a “young adult”? No? Good, because neither do I. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t read books that are marketed towards young adult readers.

1. Relatable Themes

Do you know that song by Bowling For Soup, “High School Never Ends”? The lyrics of the chorus go like this (stick with me, I promise I’ll get to the point):

The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who’s the best dressed and who’s having sex, who’s got the money, who gets the honeys, who’s kinda cute and who’s just a mess.

I’m 26 years old and so far, this seems completely true to me. People are always going to gossip about who’s dating whom, who’s got the more expensive car, who does and doesn’t have their shit together.

2. Diversity and Representation

Diversity is one of the things I love most about YA. Recently, YA authors have really started to embrace diverse characters — much more than authors in other genres have.

3. Entertainment Value

If neither of the above arguments could convince you, here’s your final reason to read YA literature as an adult:

A Few Recommendations

By now, I hope to have convinced you that young adult literature is for you — no matter your age. If you want to dive into YA but don’t know where to start, here are a few quick recommendations:

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